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A Little About Us

The WordPress format is pretty new to me, so there is still much for me to figure out on this website, but I thought I’d start this blog out by telling you about our little family, in our little house, and why we are doing what we are trying to do:)

My hubby grew up in the country. He is all things hands-on and hard working. If it can be fixed or built by hand, he can likely figure out how to do it. He grew up working the land, learning to fix pretty much anything that can move, as well as woodworking, welding and home repair. He is built for outdoor, hands-on work.

I grew up in town. The only real outdoor work I ever had experience with is gardening. That was always my dad’s project and I remember helping out in the garden when I was young. My dad is a construction worker (and then became the company owner – he builds pools:) so while money was okay during the summer months, winter was tight. I learned how to budget, how to can and freeze produce from the garden, how to cook from scratch. These things have been helpful even if I didn’t grow up in the country.

My hubby and I met in high school. I was 14 and he was 17. While we came from different backgrounds we meshed pretty well together. Growing up together like that worked well for us, it allowed us to learn what we wanted for our lives as we were discovering what we wanted. We got married a year after I graduated high school and he graduated college – he went for Ag Diesel Mechanics – go figure:)

When we had our daughter we decided that I would stay home with her so he got a job completely outside of his comfort zone. He was still in a shop, but he was working in manufacturing. He is still there and while it’s provided well for us, it isn’t something he enjoys. It allowed me to stay home, homeschooling our daughter, but now that she has graduated, it’s time to work towards getting hubby back to his roots.


We moved to our 10 acres in the middle of ag country 12 years ago. We have a small house (700 sq ft), with a decent sized shop/barn. Perfect for us! When we moved out here, we bought lots of chickens, started a largish garden, raised a couple bull calves for beef, and started working on the place. But it was too much, too fast and along with some extended family issues that needed a lot of time and attention, much of what we had started doing fell by the way-side. We still did a small garden – two 4×8 raised beds, and had a few chickens, but most of what we had hoped to be doing stopped. Now it’s time to get back to it. I have LARGE plans for the garden(s) in future years, I want more chickens, possibly to raise a couple calves again and maybe a couple pigs? Hubby might have to be talked into that:) Oh, and an small orchard!!

Our biggest goal will be to start a business that we can work together from home. My hubby plans to buy/fix/sell garden tractors (mostly antique), farm implements, and pretty much anything else that he can work on as well as any other odd job he can come up with – he really wants to help with harvest at some point!! 🙂 I want to re-purpose old farm items into home and garden decor items. I have so many ideas!! So hopefully this blog will soon turn into a store as well:)

This blog/website will show our journey towards a more self-sufficient life. It will be about gardening, preserving produce,  raising animals, finding thrifty ways around costly items, and being creative. Just living a ‘simple’ country life:) I hope you enjoy our journey too!!

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